Chris crocker dating his brother

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He can also bee seen in many TV shows and movies, either as a singer or an actor.

He is a son of a minister who has three more sons excluding Johnny as one of his children.

Nine years later, Crocker is once again at the centre of a media storm after pictures of what the entertainer looks like now were picked up by various news outlets, which commented on their change of appearance.

On Tuesday Crocker posted a video on Facebook addressing the recent resurgence of interest and responded to headlines that “Chris Crocker got hot”, making an important point about society's scrutiny over appearance.

“We should always feel attractive, not just when society tells us that we’re attractive,” Crocker said, “For many years of my life I have identified as transgender and I have not had the finances to transition.

Joe Cocker, who has died aged 70, was a Sheffield-born singer who came to be considered one of the greatest white blues and soul vocalists.

With a voice that could rage, bellow, rasp, screech or – if circumstance demanded – be unexpectedly yearning and vulnerable, he was capable of taking any song and making it his own.

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