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In 1951, in addition to implementing the circled group number, the shape number and the finish letter were switched on standard smooth finished shapes, i.e.

the finish letter, an "R" or an "A" which up to 1950 was on the 'brand side' of the shank near the bowl was switched to the 'MADE IN ENGLAND' side and the shape number which up to 1950 was on the 'MADE IN ENGLAND' side was switched to the 'brand side'.

He sent his lighters to artists and goldsmiths and offered original, highly elaborated pieces to his customers.

Double wheel was added to Unique lighter in 1928, in the same year Parker company is founded by Alfred Dunhill.

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This strongly suggests that the progressive ' at least as late as 1966.

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This was Alfred Dunhill’s greatest impact on lighter’s history.

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Commencing business in 1893 as an auto supply house, Dunhill began producing its own oil cured briar smoking pipes in 1910.

In the following decade and a half almost all the elements of the now classic Dunhill pipe line came into place, for instance the two principal finishes - a mahogany "Bruyere" and a black sandblast "Shell" - the metal inner tube fitting and sandblast patents, most all the classic shapes, the white dotted bit, the one year guarantee, and the associated date code stampings.

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