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She lived with her family in Shiraz, a city of 1.5 million people in southwest Iran.

Sorena had been to consult the mullahs before as they dispensed advice from tables in the city park, mostly about how to reconcile the beliefs of her mother — who belonged to Iran’s minority Sunni sect — with the teachings of Shia Islam, the faith of her father, and Iran’s official religion.

But never had she come to discuss something so personal — or so potentially dangerous.“My desires are not matched with my body,” she told the mullah.

“I think because I’ve fallen in love with someone who’s the same sex as me that I’m committing a sin.”Sorena’s family had raised her as their youngest son, but she saw herself as a woman when she dreamed.

“The sterilization should be done through a project to convince homeless women to prevent social harm,” he added."He started beating and slapping me, then going over to my friend and kicking him.He kept asking, 'What did you do with your girlfriend, and when?She’d also recently had sex with a man for the first time, and the fear that she had sinned beyond redemption drove her into a panic that lasted weeks.Sorena didn’t tell the mullah about having had sex; she just told him about her desires. this is completely acceptable to us.”In the Islamic Republic of Iran — unlike any other country in the Persian Gulf region — sex reassignment is not only allowed, but also subsidised by the government.“You are transsexual, and you have to go for the surgery,” he pronounced.

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